June 29, 2016                     Volume 4 Issue 5     
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Regents Members

Richard A. Lipsey

Edward D. Markle
Vice Chair

Joseph P. Farr

Claudia H. Adley

Raymond J. Brandt

Marty J. Chabert

Joel E. Dupré

William H. Fenstermaker

Chris D. Gorman

Thomas G. Henning

Robert W. Levy

Roy O. Martin

W. Gray Stream

Collis B. Temple III

Joseph C. Wiley

Benson T. Kinney

Joseph C. Rallo
Commissioner of Higher Education

Regents Approves FY 2016-2017 Operating Budget Distribution

Today, the Board of Regents approved the FY 2016-2017 operating budget distribution for public higher education. Regents implemented an outcomes based funding formula as required by Act 462 of the 2014 Regular Session.  A summary of the budget is as follows (see narrative and chart):
  • The total state general fund appropriation decreased from $1 billion to $919M for FY 2016-17. 
  • $770M is available for higher education entities after funding TOPS at 70%.
  • $483M in state general funds will be distributed to the two and four-year institutions which is $8.1M less when compared to FY 2015-16.
  • $149M is allocated to fund TOPS, and GO Grants will be funded at the current year level of $26M.
  • $4M in operational funding was provided to LSU HSC – Shreveport and $1M in legacy costs funding was provided to LSU HSC – New Orleans.

Regents Approves Increase in Programmatic Thresholds during Academic Reviews

Aligned to Elevate Louisiana and to enhance academic rigor and efficiency for public higher education, the Louisiana Board of Regents approved an increase to programmatic thresholds for low-completer reviews.
The Regents’ statewide program review is the basic analysis of existing academic programs to assess whether they should be maintained in the curriculum inventory (CRIN), e.g., whether program continuation is justified based on access, costs, productivity, state or regional needs, provision of a service function, or centrality to the institution’s mission. The CRIN is a living document, requiring continual vigilance as programs are created, revised, terminated, and recreated to meet the changing needs and interests of the workforce and general population.
The viability thresholds, based on average number of graduates, are used as minimum productivity targets to trigger the program review: for Undergraduate Degrees = 10 (STEM, 8); Masters = 6 (STEM, 5); Specialist & Doctorate = 2.5 (STEM, 2). The Board of Regents conducts academic reviews every other year to ensure that programs are (a) strategically connected to state and student needs and priorities; and (b) sustainable under current and anticipated fiscal constraints. 
“The academic review process provides an opportunity to examine program offerings in light of current realities,” said Commissioner Rallo.
Once an academic program is flagged for review, institutions and Regents’ staff work together to propose an action, which may include one of the following:
1- Termination – Program is cancelled on the CRIN, with a teach-out period for students currently enrolled, and no new majors admitted
2- Consolidation – Curricula are merged into programs as concentrations or new degrees.
3- Redesign – Changes are made to remediate low productivity, e.g., through curriculum revision, expanded course offerings, additional student support, or other enhancements.
4- Justification/No Further Action – Usually a unique program offering that meets a specific, defined need; may also be a subset of a strong program, as in a master’s degree beneath a strong doctoral program.
The biennial program review will begin this Fall, once the 2015-16 completer data has been received and updated on the CRIN. The inventory will be screened to identify programs at or below the viability thresholds, and campuses will be invited to respond with proposed actions and justifications for those programs plus any others identified for review. Staff will make recommendations to the Board by April, 2017.

Click here for additional information on the Academic Program Review – Viability Thresholds

Regents Conducts LA GRAD Act Year Six Annual Review

The Louisiana Board of Regents has reviewed and approved the final scores for year six of the Louisiana Granting Resources and Autonomy for Resources for Diplomas Act (LA GRAD Act). Based on the final scores, all public higher education institutions passed the GRAD Act this year, with the exception of the following: Baton Rouge Community College, Southern University at Baton Rouge, Southern University at Shreveport, and the Southern University Law Center. 
In 2010, the Louisiana Legislature enacted Act 741- the GRAD Act, which provides for six-year performance agreements between the Louisiana Board of Regents and public postsecondary education systems and institutions.  With the intended  goal of rewarding performance for increasing accountability and efficiency among participating institutions, the GRAD Act grants colleges and universities increased autonomy and flexibility in exchange for a commitment to meet defined performance objectives. 
Although the GRAD Act law does not sunset, with the original six-year agreement period coming to an end, the legislation requires Regents, based in part on input from a review panel, to make recommendations to the Joint Legislative Committee on the Budget (JLCB) on whether the six-year performance agreements should be renewed. Following a careful assessment of the GRAD Act, the Review Panel recommended in part that the six-year agreements not be renewed and the GRAD Act legislation be repealed.  The Board of Regents is scheduled to consider the report from the Review Panel and make a final recommendation to JLCB in August.
The GRAD Act Annual Evaluation – Year 6 designation for institutions may be accessed here: http://www.regents.la.gov/assets/docs/Board/PRP-Agenda-2016-0629.pdf.  A report detailing this year’s findings will be submitted to the Governor and Legislature by July 15, 2016.

Regents Bids Farewell to Student Member

The Board of Regents recognized outgoing student member Patrick Harrington during today’s meeting.  Harrington is a 2016 graduate of the Southern University Law Center.
“It has been a pleasure to serve with Regent Harrington,” said Vice-chair Markle. “Patrick’s dedication to the students of this state was evident during his tenure here on the Board of Regents.  He was an active participant during all deliberations and I am most proud of his leadership during the student rally which was held this past legislative session. We wish him all the best in his future endeavors.”

Board Actions

The Board of Regents approved the FY 2016-2017 Operating Budget Distribution.

The Board of Regents approved the following Academic & Student Affairs items:

Academic Programs 

A. Letter of Intent  

  1. PhD in Biological Engineering -- LSU 

B. New Academic Program: PBC / Sustainability – SLU 

AY2016-17 Master Course Articulation Matrix & Common Course Catalog 

Academic Program Review – Viability Thresholds 

Consent Agenda 

A. Continued Approval, Center for Advanced Manufacturing & Technology – Delgado 

B. Program Termination: PBC / Music Education-Kodály Studies -- McNeese 

C. Routine Staff Reports 

  1. Staff Approvals 
  2. Progress Reports for Conditionally Approved Programs/Units 
  3. Letters of Intent/Proposals in the Queue 

The Board of Regents received an update on the 2016 Legislative Session.

The Board of Regents approved the following Facilities and Property items:

Consent Agenda:  Small Capital Projects Report

  1. LSU A&M: Alex Box Stadium Concourse  Waterproofing
  2. LSU A&M: Dub Robinson Stadium Beach Volleyball Renovations
  3. LSU A&M: Howe-Russell GeoScience Complex 37 -Lecture Hall 130 Renovations
  4. LSU A&M: Renovation of Hatcher Hall for Printmaking (Budget   Increase)
  5. LSU A&M: Woodin Hall Exterior Ramp  Improvements
  6. NSU: Asphalt Overlay of Sam Sibley & Caspari Drives

3rd Party Projects & Lease Approvals

  1. La Tech: Joe Alliet Stadium Pressbox Renovation and Addition
  2. LSU A&M: Nicholson Gateway Development
  3. SELU:  Replacement Student Housing

Act 959 Project: LSU A&M School of Veterinary Medicine

The Board of Regents approved the following Sponsored Programs items:
  1. Program Policy Revisions: Endowed Chairs for Eminent Scholars and Endowed Professorships
  2. Request for Endowed Chair Appointment without National Search: Tulane University
  3. Conversion of Matched Endowed Chair to Endowed Professorships: University of New Orleans
  4. LUMCON Executive Director Start-Up Allocation

The Board of Regents approved the following Planning, Research, and Performance items:

Consent Agenda

R.S. 17:1808 (Licensure)

Initial Licenses

  1. Southeastern  University
  2. University of North Carolina at Greensboro

License Renewals

  1. Alcorn  State University
  2. American College of Education
  3. Brescia University
  4. Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
  5. Northwood University
  6. Nova Southeastern University
  7. Oral Roberts University
  8. Ottawa University
  9. Palmer College of Chiropractic
  10. Pennsylvania State University
  11. University of Florida
  12. University of Wisconsin -Stout
  13. Upper Iowa University
  14. Walden University
  15. Wiley College

Proprietary Schools Advisory Commission
      Initial Licenses
  1. Global Trucking Academy
  2. Heritage Dental Assisting Academy
  3. Operation Spark   

AOS  Degree Applications

  1. McCann School of Business and Technology (Monroe) (IT Support Specialists/Paralegal)
  2. McCann School of Business and Technology (Shreveport) (IT Support Specialists/Paralegal) 
License Renewals
  1. A&W Healthcare Educators, LLC  (03/25/04)
  2. Academy of Acadiana, Inc.  (03/22/06)
  3. Andrea’s Career Institute, LLC  (03/26/14)
  4. At-Home Professions  (04/22/99)
  5. Baton Rouge Dental Assistant Academy  (03/26/14)
  6. Blue Cliff College--Houma  (03/24/05)
  7. Blue Cliff College--Metairie  (03/23/00)
  8. Blue Cliff College--Metairie, Satellite Campus  (03/23/11)
  9. Blue Cliff College--Shreveport  (03/23/00) 
  10. Coastal College--Lafayette  (04/23/98) 
  11. Coastal College--Monroe  (03/28/96)
  12. Delta College of Arts & Technology--Lafayette Branch  (03/24/05)
  13. Delta School of Business and Technology  (05/06/80)
  14. Goodwill Industries of Southeastern Louisiana, Inc.  (03/25/15)
  15. Healthcare & More  (03/21/12)
  16. J W Training Center, LLC  (03/25/10)
  17. Lenora School of Phlebotomy  (04/28/94)
  18. LifeSmart Training Center, LLC  (03/26/14)
  19. Louisiana Culinary Institute  (03/27/03)
  20. Mid City College  (03/25/15)
  21. Pet Grooming Academy of Louisiana  (03/21/12)  
  22. Raymond Career College  (03/26/14)
  23. Tulsa Welding School & Technology Center  (03/25/15)
  24. Unitech Training Academy  (04/24/97) 
  25. Unitech Training Academy--Houma  (03/22/06) 
  26. Universal Technical Institute--Florida Branch  (04/23/98)
  27. Universal Technical Institute of Texas, Inc.  (04/03/85)

State Authorization Reciprocal Agreement (SARA) Institution Renewals

  1. Grambling State University
  2. Louisiana State University - Eunice
  3. Louisiana State University - Shreveport
  4. New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary

State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement  (SARA)

Institution Application

  1. Loyola University New Orleans

GRAD Act Year 6 Annual Review

Elevate Louisiana: The New Reality for Higher Education

  1. Timeline and Processes

The Board of Regents approved the following Executive Committee items:

Revision of the Bylaws for the Internal Operation and the Transaction of Business 

for the Board of Regents for the State of Louisiana 

    A. Standing Committees (Article 5.2 on page 6 of Bylaws

    B. Officers (Article 5.2.2 on page 7 of Bylaws

    C. Special Committees (Article 5.3 on page 8 of Bylaws

(1) Delete: 
          a. Learning Centers Committee 
          b. LUMCON Committee 

June Meeting Highlights

Benson Kinney sworn in as the new student member of the Board of Regents

Governor John Bel Edwards addresses the Board of Regents stressing the importance of higher education and conveying his support for the outcomes based formula distribution. 
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