September 24, 2015                                    Volume 3 Issue 8                 

Regents Approves 2015 - 2016 System Budgets


Today, the Board of Regents approved the current year operating budgets for all higher education institutions, as required by law, after holding a series of budget hearings on yesterday.   

Regents Members

Roy O. Martin III

Richard Lipsey
Vice Chair

Joseph Farr

Mark T. Abraham

Claudia Adley

Raymond J. Brandt

Marty J. Chabert

Joel E. Dupré

William Fenstermaker

Chris D. Gorman

Robert W. Levy

Edward D. Markle

Gray Stream

Collis Temple III

Joseph C. Wiley

Patrick Harrington

Joseph C. Rallo
Commissioner of Higher Education

“The budget is one of the most critical discussions in higher education,” said Board of Regents Chairman Roy O. Martin. “These hearings allow us to analyze the budgets of each system, discuss their challenges, and plan for the future.”  

Topics discussed during the hearings included Fall 2015 and Spring 2016 enrollment projections, tuition and fees for each campus, and critical funding needs.

“Overall our budget hearings went well,” said Chairman Martin.  “After reviewing all of the budgets it’s apparent that that we cannot keep raising tuition. We must find a way to stabilize budgets, and not on the backs of our students.”  

Martin stressed that each institution must continue to focus on programs and strategies which positively impact the economic development of this state.  “It’s imperative that our programs are directly aligned to high demand fields in order to address the workforce needs of this state.  Our universities must have strategies in place, at every level, to enhance the production of degrees and credentials, especially for our adult population.”

Use the following link to access approved budgets for each system:



Regents Partners with LOSFA for College Application Month

Today, the board adopted a resolution which declares October 2015 as Louisiana College Application Month. Louisiana College Application Month (LCAM) is an extension of the American College Application Campaign, which is a national program aimed at increasing the number of college applications, especially for first-generation, low-income students. 

Louisiana Office of Student Financial Assistance (LOSFA), the Board of Regents, along with key education stakeholders in the State, have collaborated to develop and implement Louisiana College Application Month. “Navigating the college application process can sometimes be challenging for students,” said LeAnn Detillier, Assistant Commissioner for Program Administration.  “This campaign encourages every participating high school senior to apply to at least one postsecondary institution.  We are confident that this initiative will make the application process much smoother for students and hopefully spur enrollment at our colleges and universities.”

The Board of Regents and the Commissioner of Higher Education, Dr. Joseph C. Rallo, in conjunction with LSU’s Student Government Association will host the 2015 Gubernatorial Forum on Higher Education, Tuesday, October 27, at 2:00pm at the Louisiana State University Union Theater. This forum is designed to give the public higher education community an opportunity to engage with the run-off candidates (should no candidate receive a majority of the vote during the primary election). Topics ranging from governance and finance, to workforce development will be at the forefront of the conversations, as well as, the candidates’ platforms.

This event is open to the public; however, limited seats are available.  For more information visit:


 The Board of Regents approved the following Academic Affairs items:

Academic Program Proposals 

  • GC in Climatology and CLimate Change (LSU)
  • M.Ed. in Higher Education (UNO)   
  • Doctor of Social Work (SUNO)

-Consent Agenda Items:          

Proposed New Research Center

           a.         Canizaro/Livingston Gulf States Center for Environmental Informatics - UNO

Routine Staff Reports

            a.         Staff Approvals        

            b.         Progress Reports

            c.         Past Due Reports    

            d.         Letters of Intent/Proposals in the Queue 

The Board of Regents approved the following Finance item

  • Review and Acceptance of the FY 2015-2016 Operating Budgets 


The Board of Regents approved the following Planning, Research, and Performance items:

Consent Agenda
Proprietary Schools Advisory Commission

1. Initial Licenses
                       a.      Accelerated Dental Assisting Academy, Chalmette
                       b.      Accelerated Dental Assisting Academy, Houma
                       c.      Accelerated Dental Assisting Academy, Lafayette II
                       d.      Accelerated Dental Assisting Academy, Metairie
                       e       Accelerated Dental Assisting Academy, Metairie
                       f.       BARBRI of Louisiana- New Orleans (Loyola)
                       g.      Divine Purpose Medical Technology
                       h.      Honoré School of Dental Assisting

 2.  License Renewals
                        a.         Advance Healthcare Institute, LLC  (05/26/11)
                        b.         Accelerated Dental Assisting Academy  (08/24/11)
                        c.         Advance Nursing Training, LLC  (08/27/14)
                        d.         Ark-La-Tex Dental Assisting Academy  (08/26/10)
                        e.         Art Instruction School  (09/21/74)
                        f.          Baton Rouge School of Computers  (08/28/97)
                        g.         Camelot College  (08/28/86)
                        h.         Coastal College--Alexandria  (08/28/97)
                        i.          Crescent City Career Institute  (08/28/03)   
                        j.          Crescent City School of Gaming & Bartending  (09/14/83)
                        k.         Digital Media Institute at InterTech  (08/27/14)
                        l.          Falck Safety Services--Houma  (08/24/11)           
                        m.        Falck Safety Services--Maurice  (08/24/11)          
                        n.         Fortis College  (08/26/10)
                        o.         Healthcare Training Institute  (08/27/08)          
                        p.         Houston Marine Training Services  (08/24/11)
                        q.         Julian Certified Nursing Assistant Training School  (08/27/08)
                        r.          Life Care, LLC  (08/21/13)
                        s.         Medical Training College  (08/22/96)
                        t.          New Horizons Computer Learning Center of New Orleans (08/21/13)
                        u.         N.O.D.C. School for Dental Assisting  (08/24/11) 
                        v.         Peach Tree School of Dental Assisting, Inc.  (08/26/10)
                        w.        River Cities School of Dental Assisting, Inc.  (08/24/06)
                        x.         Unitech Training Academy--Lake Charles  (08/27/09)  

3. Resolution adoptiong October as Louisiana College Application Month

The Board of Regents approved the following Sponsored Programs Committee items:

  • FY 2016-17 Board of Regents Support Fund (BoRSF) Plan and Budget
  • Endowed Chair Appointment- (UNO)
  • Conversion of Matched Endowed Chairs to Endowed Professorships- (UNO)
  • Conversion of Matched Endowed Professorship to Endowed Superior Graduate Student Scholarship – (LSUHSC- New Orleans)
  • LCTCS Nominations to the BoRSF Planning Committee

The Board of Regents received a report on the Grad Act Remediation plan for Southern University Shreveport and Improvement Plan for Southern University System (Informational Item).

Budget Hearing Highlights


Caption: September Budget Hearings