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Board of Regents Staff Response to Act 619

This report, compiled pursuant to Senator Sharon Hewitt's Act 619 of the 2016 Regular Session of the Louisiana Legislature (Act 619), examines the various issues enumerated in Act 619 within the current context of postsecondary education in Louisiana.  Act 619 specifically requests a comprehensive analysis of the postsecondary system that allows the Board of Regents and postsecondary education leaders to evaluate and streamline academic offerings, stimulate innovative research and respond to local/regional workforce needs and, in turn, better prioritize resources.  Act 619 also requires the Board of Regents to collect and report various data regarding the postsecondary education enterprise.

A preliminary draft of the Board of Regents Staff response to Act 619 was posted in late January.  Following discussions and the open feedback period, that draft has been updated.

Click here for the response to Act 619.  

Click the links below for additional resources referenced in the draft:

Admitted by Exception

Bonded Indebtedness

Capital Outlay

Centers of Excellence

Cited Code Violations


Cost Per Program

Deferred Maintenance Data 

Degree-Granting Institutions by System

Enrollment by Program

Facilities Data

Institutional Financial Aid

IPEDS Full Faculty by Rank

Master Plan for Public Postsecondary Education

Number of Faculty Administrative Staff

Percent of Lower Level Courses

Student-to-Faculty Ratio

Students Enrolled in Remedial Courses

Wage Data by Program