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Staff Approval of Routine Academic Requests

In order to expedite the processing of routine academic matters, the Board of Regents hereby  authorizes the Deputy or Associate Commissioner for Academic Affairs to approve routine  academic requests, limited to the following:

  • Request to Change the Name/Designation of an Existing Academic/Research Program/Unit
  • Request to Consolidate Existing Academic/Research Program/Units
  • Request for a Deadline Extension for a Required Report/Action
  • Assessment of Progress Reports Required of Conditionally Approved Programs and Units
  • Request to Offer an Existing Academic Program through Distance Learning Technologies.

Actions taken by authorized staff under the purview of this policy will be reported to the  Academic and Student Affairs Committee at the next scheduled Committee meeting immediately following  the date of staff approval.  The Committee and/or the Regents reserve the right to review and  reconsider the appropriateness of staff actions.  Authorized staff may also elect at any time to  defer its authority under this policy should it determine that a particular request has implications  that merit scrutiny by the Committee and/or the Regents.